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Wisehub 2018 Summit

Department of Special Education visit Durban University of Technology

In October 19-22 three researchers from the Department of Special Education at Stockholm University, Elizabeth Adams Lyngbäck, Khaleda Gani Dutt and Jari Linikko will visit the ”Wisehub 2018 Summit” in Durban, South Africa, to discuss research priorities on Special Education and Deaf Education. There will be meetings with principles, teachers and other researchers from all over Africa. The goal is to begin research collaboration on issues in education with support of the Learning Academy Worldwide, through the founder Theophilus van Rensburg Lindzter.

Professor Susan Sandall

Open Lecture with Susan Sandall: Quality in inclusive early childhood provisions

Professor Susan Sandall, University of Washington, Honorary Doctor of Special Education at Stockholm University, talks about effective instructional practices for young children with disabilities in inclusive settings and the development of recommended practices based on professional knowledge and research.