The Department of Special Education conducts research based on a variety of theoretical perspectives and methodical approaches, clearly reflecting the interdisciplinary nature that characterises special education as a scientific topic

Special education research deals with conditions for participation and learning with a basis in societal, organisational, group and individual perspectives. There is an emphasis on examining how educational environments can support or impede development, learning and socialisation among children, youth and adults.

We examine how difficulties can be prevented by studying interactions between the individual and the environment, identifying protective, and risk factors at various levels for people with disabilities, people in socially vulnerable situations and children and students in need of support. Our research includes studies of democracy, issues relating to core values, human rights on the basis of issues relating to inclusion and participation, as well as issues relating to how supportive educational environments can be created for all children and youth. Other issues studied relate to what various disabilities may entail for individuals, and for the wider context of which they are a part.

Research at the Department of Special Education involves different fields focusing on various aspects of special education. Researchers at the department may be affiliated to the following fields:

  1. Participation and learning
  2. Learning environments and didactic development
  3. Special education and younger children
  4. Ethics, power and profession
  5. Migration and education