Course content

The course will have the following course content:
●    Different types of study design
●    Validity and reliability
●    Power analysis for different designs
●    Causality
●    Test construction and psychometrics
●    Reproducibility of analyses
●    Open Science
●    Pre-registration of studies
●    Meta-analyses and systematic reviews

Learning outcomes

After having completed the course, course participants will be able to:
●    analyze pros and cons with different designs in relation to validity, reliability, and causality
●    psychometric evaluation of instruments
●    write a pre-registration of a study, including power analysis
●    describe different aspects of reproducibility and Open science relevant to the students’ own research
●    describe the different parts of, and perform the coding parts of, meta-analysis and systematic reviews

Time schedule

Spring semester 2019 (quarter speed, 25%)

The course will take place at Linköping University and Stockholm University, with meetings on 14-15/1 (Linköping), 11-12/3 (Stockholm) and 16-17/5 (Linköping)


Application can be made until the 21/12, 2018.

The course will prioritize PhD students who are part of the Research School in Special Education, and PhD students in Special Education. Other PhD students will be accepted according to availability.

Send your application to course administrator Noelle Rossnahan with your name, email address and information about your research subject and University you are attending.


For any enquiries contact Direct of Research Studies at the Department of Special Education, Jenny Wilder,