The Disability Studies Research Seminar

This research seminar will provide the opportunity to discuss scholarly work in the area of Disability Studies both in relation to education and the adjoining fields in the humanities and social sciences. Questions which are central to this seminar include various societal and cultural issues that ultimately determine what being disabled means for individual people, such as the definition of disability, societal responses to human diversity and cultural representations of disability. To provide a forum for discussing the field from differing research traditions and perspectives, we will concentrate on discussing contributions that are are current and topical in the discussions and debates within disability studies. 

Sal: 327, Frescati Hagväg 10
Tid: 10.00-11.30

22/1 Underlag 1 (99 Kb) Underlag 2 (272 Kb)

The seminar is conducted in English and is open to researchers, Ph D candidates and masters students interested in the area of Disability Studies both within and outside of the department.

Welcome, Simo, Marie-Louise, Helén, Liz

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