Meet four of our exchange students in Special Education

Exchange students Spring 2019

My namn is Sümeyye and I come from Turkey and study Special Education Teacher Education at Marmara University. I am participating in two courses at the Department of Special Education, Stockholm University; Special Education: Basic course and Special Education: Disability and Learning. Special Education is underdeveloped in my own country and I heard that Sweden is very good at it. I also wanted to come here to develop myself and improve my English skills. I want to learn other country's Special Education visions. I like the different kind of lecturers. It gives me a chance to learn and know different visions, knowledge and backgrounds.

My advice to other students: It is really value experience, cause education system, cultures and daily life is completely different to me. I think it will be a chance for you to know yourself.

My name is Anne and I come from Köln (Cologne) in the west of Germany and study Special Education Teaching at the Department of Curative Pedagogy and Special Education, University of Cologne. I am participating in two courses at the Department of Special Education, Stockholm University; Special Education: Basic course and Special Education: Disability and Learning. I really like the diversity of the guest lectures in these courses!

My advice to other students: Look up for courses that are not only for international students, just to meet local people. In addition to that, I think the structure of courses, which are not only for internationals, are different and you can understand the swedish education system better. 

My namn is Elisa and I am from Finland and the Department of Education, Kindergarten Teacher Education, University of Helsinki. I participates in one course; Special Education: Basic course. I took this course because I am interested in special education and felt that I haven't had enough knowledge about it in my own university. I was also interested in how the special education is arranged in other countries. The best of this course is the group assignments and school visits.

My advice to other students: I would say that Stockholm University is a very good university for exchange student because here is a good selection of courses and the university takes very good care of exchange students!

My namn is Katharina and I am from Germany, and I am studying Special Education in Munich at the Ludwig Maximilians University. My funding priority is emotional and social behavior. I am participating in the course: Special Education: Basic Course. The reason was that I looked for a department that is connected to the program I am studying. I also wanted to learn more about Special Education in Sweden and about inclusion and the process in another country. This one and the other course Disability and Learning are the only courses that are held in English. My goal was to get connected to the Education Programmes in other countries and learn more about inclusion in that countries. If you talk and discuss about it you see that it is not as you might thought it is. It´s still a long progress until you can say that every child is included and not separated any more. That was what I learned most.

My advice to other students: Stockholm is a beautiful city and there are so many exchange students. The student union is a really good organization to get to know new people from the very first beginning. To study in Stockholm is quite different compared to Germany because you have different periods and a lot of time to visit and meet new people and places around and in Stockholm. Great experience to be here.