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Exchange students Spring 2019

Meet our exchange students in Special Education

The Department of Special Education welcomes exchange students from all over Europe within the framework of Erasmus+ program. Future teachers visit us to improve their knowledge in Special Education.

Professor Mel Ainscow, University of Manchester

Open Lecture with professor Mel Ainscow from University of Manchester

Collaboration as a strategy for promoting equity in education: possibilities and barriers. Many educators take the view that working together with others is a major means of achieving improvements in schools. The danger is that this belief can distract attention from the complexities involved in achieving effective forms of collaboration. There is a related risk that politicians and policy makers - seeing collaboration as the ‘silver bullet’ of educational reform – might decide to mandate it as a means of achieving success. In so doing, they may overlook how other policies make this difficult. With these concerns in mind, the presentation will draw on extensive international experience and research to provide guidance regarding the conditions that are needed in order to make collaboration work. It will focus in particular on the major challenge facing education systems around the world, that of achieving equity.

Department of Special Education

Courses and programmes

Department of Special Education offers courses in special needs education within the general teaching training programs, special education teacher training and special educators’ programmes and Master Degree program in special education. These programmes are all offered in Swedish. However, the department offers a few courses in English for both Swedish and our international students.


Department of Special Education has cemented its position in scientific research in many different areas of interest ranging from democracy and fundamental values in relation to persons with disability, didactic implications, learning and socialisation processes, policy implications, etc.